Board of Directors

This is the governing wing of the organization which is responsible for the strategic direction, establishing goals for management and monitoring and guiding the achievement of its objectives. They have the obligation and responsibility to act in the best interests of BIF. They protect the assets and interests of the organization by evaluating and promoting our objectives as identified in our profile, and in our vision and mission. The Board of Directors members are …

Justus O. Ikapel, Board Chair

He has for over 25 years been working with the Kenya Defence Force at different level of leadership. He has many years of experience in administration and in procurement processes.

In the area of non profits, his area of interest/specialization is NGO governance, organizational development, business development, grants and contracts negotiation and management, project planning and management, research administration as well as finance and operations.

As an active member of the local community and having first hand knowledge of the challenges faced by families in Kenya, through BIF, Justus aims to contribute to capacity building projects.

He holds a degree in military science (military hardware) from a UK Military College.

Florence Judith Ong’wolo

She holds a higher national Diploma in Agriculture from Egerton College of Agriculture now called Egerton University.She currently works as an agriculture and development consultant, and as a para legal officer and has previously worked with an international organization in Kenya with responsibility within the region as a human rights mobilizer. She has extensive experience in leadership, child and human rights issues, fundraising and managing projects funded by governments, bi-lateral donors such as private foundations, local and international NGOs. Over the years she has helped with the establishment of schools, churches, community women and youth groups, NGOs and SMEs and has participated in several humanitarian initiatives targeting diverse community needs.

Judith has a special interest in community organizations within the context of rural development, child and human rights, and capacity building.

Leonard Ogola Otaya

Leonard brings over 29 years of teaching and community mobilizing experience to his role as a board member overseeing the area of education. Leonard is a well-respected teaching professional who has held progressively responsible positions in education, non-profit sector, and community development throughout the Greater western Kenya.
Involved in numerous civic and community endeavors, Leonard is a recognized public speaker and cultural ambassador on matters of diversity and motivating youth, HIV/AIDS and education.

Mr. Leonard is a founding member of Lower Ambira Community Development Programme (a community based Organization working on the rights and welfare of children). He has served on a number of secondary school boards in Kenya, worked as a consultant for the Siaya County government in developing and strengthening County education Teams on special education. He is a Board member of several institutions of higher learning.

Leonard earned his BSc and MA (Special Education) from Maseno University in Kenya. 

Dismus Okello

He serves as the Executive Director of the Siaya Community Development Programme (SCODP) involved in agricultural activities, and Chairman of the Civil Society Organizations executives in western Kenya. He holds the belief that education is the light of a nation and the only key to unlocking the potential of human capital and alleviating poverty. He has great passion for youth empowerment especially through science and technology.

Dismus is a social sector expert with over 30 years’ experience in design, implementation and evaluation of community driven and empowerment projects. He holds a degree in Sociology from Catholic University.

Benard Oduor Owino

His area of interest/specialization is in Development especially enterprise, education, community mobilization and Business or NGO leadership and change management.

All members of the board carry the same passion: to see those in desperate circumstances find safety and restoration in the densely populated western Kenya.