Where We Work.

Since inception, BIF has called Siaya County. The opening of our program office was the culmination of one year of careful consideration by our Board of Directors to help us advance our mission, combine our administrative and field operations into one location, and better serve the Siaya community.

Ugenya District, Siaya county:


About Ugenya District:

Ugenya District is located in the Siaya County North West of Lake Victoria Western Kenya near the border with Uganda. The weather is mild throughout the year with a mean temperature of 22°C and range of 15-30°C. Annual rainfall is between 1,170 to 1,450 mm.

The District has three major geo-morphological areas: dissected uplands, moderate lowlands and the Sifuyo swamp along river Nzoia in West Ugenya. These have different relief, soils and land use. Ugenya community belongs to the higher latitude areas with higher rainfall making it more suitable for agriculture and livestock keeping.

Because it is located on a trade route many of its residents make their living selling goods alongside the road or in small shops. Residents on the outskirts of town are primarily dedicated to subsistence farming activities. The region