Rationale for Partnerships


Does BIF partner with other organisations?

As a non-profit making non-governmental organization working towards improving the quality of life of the disadvantaged, we ­find it important to form strong partnerships with those pursuing similar goals and share the same vision, these include; local NGOs, government agencies and individuals.

One of the four tiers of our development model is partnerships. We aim to establish and build strong partnerships, which supports our participatory and collaborative approach to development. Our relationship with these organizations allows us to build strong ties in-country with individuals and communities.We partner with communities, indigenous groups, individuals and international organisations. To date these have included:

  • Goal4.org | Capacity building Higher working efficiency (organizational development).
  • Amani Counselling Centre and Training Institute | Capacity Building / Counseling training.
  • Prolinova | Capacity Building and promotion of modern agricultural technologies.
  • OTiT | Capacity building and bulking of drought tolerant crops for increased food production
  • Abha Light Foundation | Capacity Building / Provision of ARVs and training.
  • Victory Life Development Programme | Capacity Building / Provision of farm inputs for increased food production.
  • Kitchen Garden International | Establishment of community Kitchen gardens for increased food production.
  • Smoke Free Holy Ground Initiative | To challenge smokers to quit and promote healthy lifestyle – To sound the alarm about the danger of tobacco, secondhand smoke and other issues that affects our health.