Who we are

Welcome to Berakah International Foundation!

Berakah International Foundation (BIF) started in 2009 as a family project. Then in 2011 it was duly registered as a full-fledged NGO under Kenyan law as a Non-Governmental Organization under Section 10 of the NGO Coordination Act. to enable it expand its reach within Siaya County.  BIF is a non-profit making grassroots-focused organization. BIF works with and for vulnerable communities in western Kenya, Siaya County  which is located in the very west part of Kenya, bordering Uganda on the west, and Lake Victoria on the south.   


BIF was initiated after participatory needs assessment to explore the situation and needs of people living and affected by HIV and AIDS in Ugenya district where the ravages of abject poverty, hunger, illiteracy, poor health, indigent living conditions and other natural causes and AIDS are most devastating in 2009. As a family program, BIF started by offering support to 8 orphans aged between 2-11 years with the aim of providing food, school fees, uniforms and shelter (identifying and linking orphans to foster parents). BIF opened an office in Sega in 2011 to facilitate effective and efficient coordination of the program activities. The number of orphans grew from 8 to 38 by the end of 2013. It emerged that most of the orphans and guardians were infected with HIV. BIF took up the challenge to offer medication by involving a volunteer specialized in home based care. The initiative presented a much bigger challenge to BIF which had no reliable resources to handle the growing demand. In 2013, BIF started working in collaboration with a local partner in areas of HIV / Aids, education, poverty eradication through women economic empowerment.

BIF continues to grow from strength to strength, touching lives, making a difference on a day-to-today basis in the smallest way possible. In an area of extreme poverty, education is compromised and gains made could be lost.

BIF is run by a board of directors, which oversee an executive management team charged with the day-to-day management of our activities.